STREFF (Nikita & Sveta) is an underground dubstep/hardcore/dubcore project conceived in the ex-USSR authoritarian state of Belarus as a form of music protest against corrupt politicians and practices.

Originally STREFF was formed in 1997 in Minsk (Belaurs) by Nikita Chudjakov and Dmitri Protasevich. They've started with the old-school hardcore and jungle, after few years moved to industrial-noise and then discovered for themselves the DHR sound. In the 1999 another member Svetlana Shljachova joined STREFF.

"We've always liked an experimental music that's why we always tried to express our passion for fat, rough beats, noisy textures and whicked samples. We like to fuck up the sound in a weirdest manner we can. The other aspect is that music can not only be fun but also a powerful weapon in the right hands. We hate racism and all kinds of discrimintation and dictatorship existing in a different proportions and created by different people all over the world. So STREFF is our weapon to fight with the all these things".

With releases on underground Fact Records (Israel) and squat-based Glocal (France), concerts in Belarus and Russia and after 10 years of hibernation STREFF is back at it again.

"STREFF is reborn to bring the attention of all like-minded people to the problem of Darfur. It's happening right now but it seems that nobody wants to hear about it. So, we'll scream!!!

This new record is meant to be a message, an activists project and a way to collect some money to the organizations helping in Darfur. It's not about profit, we want to help bring peace and do something constrictive with our music, instead of just entertaining party people."

The STREFF new short album with remixes 'DARFUR" 'Dafur' is released under Creative Common license for FREE. Download STREFF mp3 album for free and If you like it - DONATE whatever amount you can TO NGOs HELPING IN DARFUR!

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